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Grundfos circulator alpha3 15-60 130 mm

ALPHA3 - easy hydronic balancingThe ALPHA3 is our newest circulator for domestic buildings. It is of the renowned Grundfos quality and guarantees easy installation, world-class energy efficiency and reliable operation in the toughest conditions. For the ultimate benefits of the ALPHA3, however, installers need two other components – the ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app. Together, the state-of-the-art ALPHA3 system helps installers complete a hydronic balancing incredibly fast and accurately.ALPHA READERThe ALPHA Reader is a pocket-sized device that you attach to the front of the ALPHA3. It reads a light signal from the pump and communicates with the Grundfos GO Balance app via Bluetooth during the balancing process. Once the hydronic balancing is done, installers can simply take the ALPHA Reader with them to their next job.GRUNDFOS GO BALANCE APPThe Grundfos Go Balance app is downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. The app picks up the Bluetooth signal from the ALPHA Reader and guides installers through four simple balancing steps.FAST AND EASY BALANCINGWith the ALPHA3, the ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app, installers are set for fast and easy system balancing – without compromising on reliability, efficiency and easy installation.Hydronic Balancing with ALPHA3 and ALPHA reader works with:• Two pipe radiator systemsThe GRUNDFOS ALPHA3 is suitable for running in:• Systems with constant or varying flow• One pipe systems• Two pipe systems• Domestic hot-water recirculation• Underfloor heating systems• Systems where night setback is required.Features and benefits• Hydronic Balancing• No blockage• Best in class efficiencyBenefits of hydronic Balancing:• Savings on heating bill between 7-20 %*• Lower return temperature in the system• Lower noise in the heating system

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Grundfos pump ALPHA3 15-60 130 mm Product description: A pump. A reader. An app. That is what makes up Grundfos' new ALPHA3 system, which makes regulation of heating systems easy and fast - and ensures even better heating economy for your customers. The ALPHA3 system can be used for both radiator and underfloor heating systems. When you click on the ALPHA Reader on the new ALPHA3 circulation pump, data communication from the pump is read out. This data is then sent to the smartphone or tablet where you have installed Grundfos GO Balance, which is the app that needs to be used to control regulation with.The Grundfos GO Balance app is currently the only mobile platform of its kind on the market for regulating radiator and underfloor heating systems. The app ensures that you always work with real-time calculations of water flow, making regulation as precise as possible.Step by step, the app guides you through the entire regulation process for all floor heating and radiator units in your home.Here's an advantage with ALPHA3!ALPHA3 with regulation saves money on your energy bill while providing better comfort in homes equipped with these types of systems:• Indirect district heating systems and central heating systems equipped with two-pipe radiator systems fitted with presetting valves (static valves)• Direct district heating plants using mixing pumps fitted with presetting valves• Underfloor radiant heat installations installed using presetting manifolds.Customer benefits from regulating their system using an Alpha 3The benefit to your customers when they buy an Alpha 3 is that it ensures optimal cooling in their heat installation resulting in improved indoor comfort while reducing electricity costs.Thermal installations cannot be regulated by Alpha 3 include:Radiator installations featuring dynamic valves; single-pipe distribution; old-style non-pre-setting radiators.Under-floor radiant heat installations featuring return manifold without pre-setting functionality

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