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Hasbro Piggy Piggy

Hog it all to win! The Piggy Piggy game is a fast-paced family card game that’s as easy as it is fun! Players take turns playing food cards from their hand to try to steal pigs and score the most points. Each player starts with 5 cards, including colored food cards, such as tacos (yellow) and ice cream (pink). On their turn, a player plays all the cards they have from one type of food by placing it in a stack. If their stack has the most food, then they earn the same-colored pig figure—or can steal it from another player! Have a goat card? Use it to sabotage an opponent by discarding a food card from their stack and maybe forcing them to give up their pig! When a player redraws cards at the end of their turn, if they have any pigs, they’ll score a point for each drawn card that matches their pig’s color. Score 8 points first to win! The Piggy Piggy game is a fantastic choice for those looking for fun card games for kids and adults. Piggy Piggy and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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•SQUEALING, STEALING FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The Piggy Piggy card game is fast-paced fun with 5 adorable pig figures! Play food cards to try to steal pigs and be the first to score 8 points to win
•HOG IT ALL TO WIN: In this light strategy game, players compete to collect pig figures by placing down the most of a particular food card from their hand. Earn points by drawing food cards that match the color of collected pigs
•SABOTAGE PLAYERS WITH GOAT CARDS: Watch out for hungry goats! Strategize with goat cards, and use them to remove another player’s food card (and maybe even steal their pig)
•EASY TO LEARN: The Piggy Piggy family card game for kids ages 7 and up, teens, and adults is easy to learn, teach, and play, so everyone in the family can jump into a game. For 2 to 6 players
•CUTE PIG FIGURES AND FOOD CARDS: Includes 5 pig figures, plus brightly colored cards with piggies eating their fave snacks that will keep players snorting with laughter
•PLAY IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS: It’s easy to fit in a quick game after school or dinner, and this game is just right for making memories during Family Game Night or the holidays. Go hog wild—play again and again
•GREAT KIDS TRAVEL GAME: With a bright, compact package and in-pack storage, this portable game lets players take the piggy feeding frenzy on the go. And it’s a fun gift for kids who love strategy card games

•Ages 7 and up
•For 2 to 6 players.
•Includes 108 cards, 5 pig figures, and game rules.

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