0045496740207 - Walk with me! - Nintendo DS - Lifestyle - PEGI 3

Walk with me! - Nintendo DS - Lifestyle - PEGI 3


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ProduktbeschreibungWalk with me! Do you know your walking routine? - Nintendo DS
GenreSpiele & Entertainment für Kinder
PlattformNintendo DS


Genre Spiele & Entertainment für Kinder
Plattform Nintendo DS
Step into a healthier lifestyle with Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? On Nintendo DS. Walk with me! comes with two very special Activity Meter pedometers that can help you work out if your activity rhythm is up to scratch and provides valuable insight on how to set up a regular routine - the healthiest way to live.

All you need to do is clip one of the Activity Meters onto your belt, put it in your pocket or even attach it to your dog's collar and you're away! The Activity Meter will then keep track of every step you make during the day and transmit the information to your Nintendo DS, which is where the fun starts! Using the Touch Screen and your Nintendo DS stylus, you can use the results you gather in all sorts of ways.

Unlike a regular pedometer, one of the great things about the Activity Meter is that it allows your family, friends and even pets to join in. Up to four different people can use their own Activity Meter in conjunction with a single Game Card.

Using the Touch Screen and your Nintendo DS stylus, you and other Walk with me! users can utilize the results in all sorts of ways and even make notes for your own records. You can start by setting yourself a Step Target, aiming for as many or as few steps as you think you can manage, and then have a look at the Records section, where your performance result is presented in several clear and concise graphs.

Based on the information collected on the Activity Meter, the software will provide helpful comments on whether you achieved your target and will even compare your walking performance to an animal! The software will also set you fun Mini Targets after your results have been checked - perhaps to avoid fatty foods for the day, or maybe just to relax and treat yourself.

Grab your friends and family and walk your way to a healthier lifestyle with Walk with me!

This product includes 2 Activity Meters.

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