Powerbank (Akku) - ROMOSS Sense 4 Mini Powerbank (Akku) - Weiß - 10000 mAh - PPH10-301-1141

ROMOSS Sense 4 Mini Powerbank (Akku) - Weiß - 10000 mAh

This small and portable powerbank features a large battery capacity and two input and output ports. Its lithium polymer battery ensures safe use. Provide a reliable source of power for your device.

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Charge 2 devices simultaneously
Romoss Sense 4 Mini is equipped with 2 output ports and 2 input ports. No longer do you have to wait for one device to be charged before connecting another.The powerbank is equipped with 2 ports - Micro USB and USB-C, which, when used simultaneously, allow you to charge with up to 5 volts.

Durable powerbank
The capacity of the Romoss powerbank is 10,000 mAh. This means it can charge an iPhone 8 up to 4 times, or a Huawei P10 2 times on a single charge. It is equipped with a high-end lithium-polymer battery, which further translates into a smaller design of the Sense 4 Mini.

Compact design
The Sense 4 Mini has an ergonomic design - it's made of a soft surface, making it comfortable to carry in your hand and sweat-resistant, you're sure it won't slip out of your hand.

Wide compatibility
You can easily charge most popular devices with this practical powerbank. It allows you to power phones, tablets and wireless headphones. With a capacity of as much as 10,000 mAh, you won't have to charge it too often. The product can charge iPhones from the 8-13 series, and is also compatible with Xiaomi and Samsung phones, among others.

A range of safety features
Don't worry about damaging your devices! The powerbank is designed with safe use in mind. It protects the charged device from overcharging, over-discharge, overheating, short circuit, etc. The Sense 4 Mini meets aviation standards, so you can have it on your airplane trips.

Another advantage of the Romoss powerbank is its high-quality display, which will provide you with information about the remaining battery level. This way you can keep track of the charging process in real time.

Powerbank Romoss Sense 4 Mini

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