Mixer - Deerma Mixer NU06 - 140 W - DEM-NU06
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Deerma Mixer NU06 - 140 W

A delicious smoothie for work? A nutritious smoothie for the gym? Or maybe a healthy mousse for your child? The Deerma NU06 blender will allow you to prepare all this and much more! The device is distinguished by its speed of up to 19,000 rpm was equipped with high-end blades, so it shreds all kinds of ingredients in no time. It's also extremely lightweight and portable - you can always have it with you. What's more, the blender is cordless - after one charge it will allow you to prepare about 6-8 smoothies.

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Always at hand
Going on a picnic or to the gym? Or maybe you want to make yourself a delicious smoothie at work? No problem - thanks to its lightweight, portable, cordless design, the blender can accompany you almost anywhere. The device is handy enough to easily fit in your purse or backpack. Take it to the pool, a bike trip or a multi-day trip and don't give up your daily dose of vitamins!

A delicious smoothie in a few moments
With the blender you can prepare a delicious, healthy smoothie, fruit cocktail, sorbet or mousse in no time. The device is distinguished by a speed of up to 19,000 rpm and is equipped with a double serrated blade. This allows it to shred fruits or vegetables very quickly. Prepare a tasty, delicate smoothie and forget about unappetizing, inaccurately blended particles!

Cordless operation
Free yourself from wires and gain the ability to conveniently prepare smoothies wherever you are. The NU06 blender works wirelessly - it is equipped with a powerful 1500 mAh battery. When fully charged, the device will allow you to prepare about 6-8 glasses of drink. So you can make yourself some smoothies or share smoothies with friends! To charge the blender, you only need about 3 hours. A special indicator will let you know when the battery is low.

Safe use
To start the blender, press the corresponding button 2 times - so you don't have to worry about the device accidentally turning on during transport. The product is also very leak-proof - don't worry about it leaking. Its additional advantage is a special light indicator that will let you know if the blender is properly prepared for use. If the cup is not installed correctly, the device will not start.

Practical lid included
Now you can easily take your smoothie to the gym or to work. The blender cup will also work great as a mug, and it comes with a practical lid with a drinking hole, with which you can easily cap it. So you can conveniently store it in your purse or backpack! The cap is also very leak-proof - don't worry about leaking anything. In addition, the cup is made of high-quality PCTG plastic, which is safe for health, lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

In the box
USB cable
User manual

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