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Paperlike 2.1 screen protector for iPad mini 6 (2021) (2-Pack)

Neue Version, hergestellt in der Schweiz
Bietet weniger Reflexion und höheren Kontrast
Das echte Gefühl von Papier
Mehr Präzision beim Zeichnen und Schreiben
Lesbarere Handschrift
Weniger anstrengend für Hände und Handgelenke.
Jedes Paperlike kommt im Set mit zwei

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Paperlike is the first iPad screen protector that are developed to give creators the feeling of drawing and writing on paper. The iPad and Apple Pencil combination is hard to beat, but one thing doesn't always feel natural is the feeling of plastic against glass. Paperlike changes that by giving you the feeling of paper, providing more friction and makes everything feel more natural.
Swiss Paperlike 2.1 is an updated screen protector
Paperlike's latest addition is an updated screen protector made in Switzerland. Made of high-quality plastic that is specially developed for paper-like products. This provides better protection, increases contrast and removes reflections from your iPad screen. Along with the papery surface that we already love!
Screen protector with Nanodot® surface technology
With its surface of Nanodots, the Paperlike screen protector provides just the right amount of friction so that the Apple Pencil can slide smoothly across the screen but still meet the right amount of resistance. Simply made to mimic the feeling of a pen on paper, a sense often lost when we write and draw digitally.
The surface of Nanodots also reduces the typical rainbow effect that occurs with many matte screen protectors. It is also adapted to wear as little as possible on the tip of your Apple Pencil.
Two of the best
Each Paperlike package contains two sets of screen protectors along with a cleaning cloth, wet wipes, guide stickers for easy application, and a sticky note to remove the smallest particles during installation. Everything is playfully light and flexible. With two sets, you feel like the paper lasts a long time.
When you’re off the clock...
Unlike other screen protectors, Paperlike enhances your viewing experience. Made with superior display quality in mind, Paperlike never disrupts the experience of watching Netflix or YouTube. And the matte, anti-glare finish even lets you enjoy screen time while in the sun.
Tens of thousands of artists, creatives, students, and creators worldwide love their Paperlike.
Don’t just trust us! Check out some of the great reviews below!
What’s inside?
2 x iPad screen protector by Paperlike with exclusive Nanodots technology
2 x wet wipes
2 x sticker guide sheets
2 x sheets with sticky notes for cleaning
1 x Paperlike polishing cloth
1 x printed postcard signed by one of our users
This Paperlike product is adapted for:
iPad mini 6 (6t gen 2021)

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