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Hasbro Clue Cluedo Classic Refresh (English)

Who murdered Sofus Black? Solve the mystery in this suspenseful Cluedo board game! When six guests arrive at Sofus Black's mansion, no one knows what to expect. But when the host is found dead after revealing his dastardly plans for blackmail, the situation comes to a head. The players compete to be the first to solve the case by finding clues and narrowing down the possibilities. Each player keeps track of their clues on the detective notepad and proceeds by process of elimination to find out who murdered Sofus Black, where in the villa it happened and what weapon was used. Did the dice land on a magnifying glass? Draw a clue card to make it even more nerve-wracking! A player may be able to open a new secret passage or name a weapon they want revealed. Be the first to make a correct accusation and win the game! This Cluedo murder mystery game is a great new version of the game with a dazzling cast, luxurious setting and an updated story. It's a fun game for families, friends, mystery fans and children aged 8 and up. Cluedo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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